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"Throughout my basketball career I’ve used so many different products looking for an edge! In my opinion Therawheel is the most targeted and versatile self-myofascial release roller on the market! It’s excellent in loosening muscles quicker and reducing tightness throughout the body!"  Brian Cardinal- NBA World Champion

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Simply roll the wedge shaped wheel on sore muscles or use like a lacrosse ball for targeted relief. Just a quick spin of the wheel changes the width which
changes intensity for trigger point release. A common complaint among foam roller users is they do not isolate the restricted area. Therawheel's design is to target the restricted tissue. The concave surface creates subtle ridges for focal release. For deeper penetration into the congested muscles use the thinner part of the wheel. Conversely, if less intensity is desired use the wider surface. 

For upper body recovery techniques try our new TPX. Use the broad surface, round tip or flat tip for mobility techniques for relief and recovery. Created for tennis elbow relief the tool can be used for neck stiffness, rotator cuff tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Muscles achieve maximum activation potential when they are fluid & mobile not tight & stiff.  Maximize performance by recruiting more muscle fibers through targeted balance exercises like planks, squats, push ups and lunges after performing trigger point techniques. The wheel diameter and tapered design provides precise instability critical for maximum activation. The narrow wheel requires users to recruit & engage multiple muscle simultaneously by altering balance & intensity for maximum core stability, upper and lower body strength exercises and trigger point massage.


The Therawheel design seems rather simple and familiar, however it's size and shape are critical nuances making it ideal for both muscle performance & injury recoveryMuch like a foam roller is used for both rolling muscles and exercise, our tapered wheel design was created as a targeted alternative to the bulky, superficial and cylindrical products. The 4.5" wheel diameter was selected due to the comfortable and deeper pressure into the muscle fibers which translates to efficient recovery. The narrow wheel provides another level of difficulty for exercises, unlike other wider products used for training.