Muscle Mobility + Stability=Performance
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Sports Performance Recovery

"Throughout my basketball career I’ve used so many different products looking for an edge! In my opinion Therawheel is the most targeted and versatile roller on the market! It’s excellent in loosening muscles quicker and reducing tightness throughout the body!"  Brian Cardinal- NBA World Champion 

Contrary to other products, our concave,wedge-shaped wheel(s) provide targeted recovery & relief for the entire body.

  • Creator, Tom Jennings, twenty-five years experience with injury recovery inspired the design & concept.
  • Use Therawheel for deep tissue massage, strength training, core and much more.
  • Our original product line merges stability with mobility by integrating body weight exercises & trigger point massage with our targeted design concept. 
  • Users can loosen hamstrings,lower back, hip flexors, calf, quadriceps, piriformis, neck or shoulders to maximize mobility, recovery and relief.
  • Learn new ways to improve your recovery & mobility with Therawheel.         

NO other product provides unlimited versatility for exercise enthusiast. Combining stability with mobility offers the best of both worlds. 

  • The importance of strength and stability have been recognized for decades, but recently the significance of mobility has shifted to the forefront and now you have a product that offers both!
  • Therawheel Core , Therawheel Ultra , Therawheel Pro users can perform exercises like push-ups,planks,squats,lunges, bridges and/ or for trigger point massage.
  • Learn how to maximize your performance with Therawheel.


      The only limit to Therawheel products is your imagination! Learn more...