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Foam rolling of lower leg

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The peroneal muscles that run along the outside of the lower leg can become irritated from numerous types of activities. Sometimes this muscles can tear, but more often than not it is just irritated which can be irritating! Just about any athlete can get pain along the outside of the leg, but in particular runners seem to be more susceptible. Some runners will experience pain down by the foot where the muscles attaches.Yet, others will have pain along the outside of the lower leg (see blue line).  Likely, the cause is some weakness along the kinetic chain. Sometimes it's weakness...

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A new twist on the abdominal crunch

Tom Jennings abdominals back core exercise fitness pain performance therapy trainings

Lately, it seems social media is exploding with self-proclaimed gurus advising avoidance of just about every exercise. I admit, I've done it myself. But, it seems the pendulum has swung so far that almost any training exercise is considered harmful. Recently, a client questioned if the oblique crunch exercise he was performing could hurt his back? He explained about reading on-line that crunches caused back pain. So I explained the exercise was only part of his core program and the primary goal was to increase mobility which he lacked. Perhaps we are doing more than good sounding the alarm by...

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Top 5 knee exercises

Tom Jennings abdominals ACL reconstruction ACL tear adductors athletics exercise fitness hip injury knee performance rehabilitation run runners running strength therapy training

The knee joint is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. Not only do many athletes suffer from acute injuries like a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), but chronic injuries like tendinitis or tendinosis can also sideline any athlete. The best solution to recover from any injury is prevention. Hip and knee strength training goes a long way to prevent injures while improving function and performance. You don't necessarily need fancy equipment to increase strength and prevent knee injuries. For example, one of my favorite exercises for knee strength is performing lunges at various angles. Be sure...

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Therawheel Pro review

Tom Jennings core deep tissue exercise fitness injury performanc recovery rehabilitation sports therapy therawheel training trigger point

Therawheel pro review by Ryan Light.

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Knee & hip DIY recovery tools for runners

Tom Jennings adductors deep tissue exercise foam roller foam rollers foam rolling hamstrings hip hip flexors iliotibial band injury ITB ITband knee lacrosse ball massage medicine balls mobiltiy myofascial release performance piriformis pvs quadriceps recovery rehabilitation rolling pin run runners running self myofascial release sports performance tennis balls tensor fascia latae tfl training trigger points

Soft tissue recovery (STR) tools entered the sports arena long ago with products like the foam roller igniting an entire industry (including my own Therawheel product line). Running my own health & fitness company for ten years required thoughtful injury solutions for each client and in my experience the first step in recovery is normalizing soft tissue. However, I recognized very early not all clients liked or could tolerate STR products like a foam roller to normalize the soft tissue. I became frustrated by the lack of versatility and effectiveness of these and other products. Some clients could not get...

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