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Keep exercises simple

Tom Jennings

Keep it simple my friends. No need to do headstands on a bosu ball to get a good workout. As I've written before-I am all about experimenting with new exercises.But I cringe when I see 80 year old's trying to perform some of these outlandish exercises. Fitness guru's are notorious for their creativity. However, do not mistaken creativity for effective,useful and appropriate.

The following exercises are common exercises I typically include in most of the workouts with my clients. I like them because they work multiple muscle groups at once and are proven to be effective and safe. I know everybody likes to get really crazy with their workouts but I want to throw some old school exercises at you for a change. You exercise that will actually work without hurting you! As with any exercise you must progress to certain levels. If you area beginner you may need to start with an easier exercise. Remember exercises are meant to challenge the neuromuscular system, not send you to the ER. Happy training!

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