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Top 7 favorite self-myofascial release websites

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These 7 favorite self-myofascial release websites provide users with videos, research and updated techniques for self-myofascial release. The term self-myofascial release is misleading (I prefer soft tissue mobilization) but it is a common term used by many professionals to describe self help techniques used to prevent and recover from injuries. There are a plethora of products and information available to the consumer, however, one size does not fit all. For example, our own  Therawheel is very targeted and used for deep tissue therapy. While others products like foam rollers or balls are for general use on superficial tissue. Whatever your needs are these sites can help you learn more about products and what self-myofascial release techniques may be best for you.

1. Perform Better does a nice job of explaining self-myofascial release and giving instructions on popular techniques with a foam roller. They also carry a wide variety of self-myofascial release products.

Perform Better

2. Runners World has up to date articles on everything from foam rolling to stretching & strength training for runners.


3.  Dr.John Rusin offers some in-depth information on self-myofascial release. His approach utilizes the hands instead of tools.

T Nation

4. IDEA Health & Fitness offers a wealth of knowledge on health and fitness topics. This article focuses on modification of self-myofascial release for seniors.

IDEA Health &Fitness

5.  Dr. Ryan Emmons offers a cool app for foam rolling techniques. This guide gives users over 100 foam roller techniques for the entire body.

Foam Roller App

6. ACE fitness provides valuable information to both the professional and consumer. In this article they integrate stretches with a foam roller.

ACE Fitness

7. OPTP is a great site for information and products. They offer a wide variety of products,textbooks,and DVD's on self-myofascial release.


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