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Prevent Hamstring injuries

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Prevent hamstring injuries by keeping the hamstrings mobile. By now most of us have seen people rolling on foam rollers with their body's contorted and faces grimacing. Perhaps you even tried it yourself. The general concept of using foam rollers is to keep the soft tissue mobile for optimal movement. At least, that is the shortened unscientific concept. There is much debate about what happens physiologically, but anecdotally foam rolling appears to be an effective way to improve soft tissue mobility.

Foam rolling is one way to mobilize soft tissue but it can be painful on certain tissue and less effective on some muscles. Foam rollers are least effective on the hamstrings because it is difficult to apply enough pressure to the muscles with the foam roller. Medicine balls, lacrosse balls and tennis balls are firmer and can dig in deeper making it a more effective way to mobilize the hamstrings.

The Therawheel has multiple ways to effectively mobilize the hamstrings. Recently, one of our runners demonstrated a new targeted method to isolate the hamstrings.  By using the round tip of the Therawheel the user can press the tip firmly into the muscle belly and then mobilize the hamstrings by extending the knee.

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