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Achilles Pain

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Achilles injury treatment typically involves a combination of methods for successful return to activity. One common method for treatment is self-myofascial release (SMR). SMR has evolved over the years from rolling on a foam roller to scraping the tissue with plastic tools called Gua Sha tools. SMR is an efficient and effective way to complement other treatments your therapists or athletic trainer may be using. In many high school or collegiate settings  athletic trainers  will often  direct their athletes to roll the calf muscles with a lacrosse ball or foam roller to unload restrictive forces to the achilles tendon. In clinical settings a plastic or metal tool will be used  by an athletic trainer or  physical therapist  to “scrape” the adhesive tissue.

For some, the balls or sticks may do the trick, but unfortunately these products cannot reach areas along the tendon that are restricted.  In a clinical setting a therapist must apply the techniques, which can be expensive, time consuming and could be quite panful. Therawheel is another option because it targets restrictive adhesions on either side of the achilles tendon, and it can be used by clinicians or athletes themselves. Regardless of tool it is important to massage the muscles in the lower leg so the achilles tendon does not become overloaded and injured. Perform SMR to complement other methods recommended by your ATC or physical therapist.

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