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Piriformis pain

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Piriformis self-myofascial release is an integral part of improving hip mobility. Runners may develop a tight piriformis due to lack of hip strength. If the piriformis becomes tight it can cause localized buttock pain and may progress into piriformis syndrome. Pirformis syndrome symptoms are localized buttock pain and nerve pain shooting down the leg. A herniated disc could also cause similar symptoms, therefore it is important to get a correct diagnosis from a physician.

The first step in managing a hip injury is proper assessment and diagnosis. In most cases a progressive hip stability and mobility program will be recommended. However, in my experience stretching the piriformis may increase symptoms, especially when piriformis syndrome is diagnosed. The pirformis is already in spasm and stretching may exacerbate the symptoms. In some cases soft tissue mobilization may be more helpful than stretching. Soft tissue mobilization is another way to improve mobility and decrease spasticity in the piriformis without increasing symptoms. There are several ways to mobilize the piriformis,see our videos below for tips on mobilizing the piriformis. 

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Try Therawheel for Self-Myofascial release of piriformis:

Piriformis soft tissue mobilization for clinicians:

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