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The term core means different things to different people. Most people think it is only your abdominals. I have heard some trainers describe core as being the abdominals and lower back-they are partially correct. If you think of the core of an apple it is cylindrical in shape and it has a top and bottom. Our core is also cylindrical, which means everything in front,back,side & rotational. The top part of the core is just below the large pectoral muscles and the bottom part of the core is just above the knees. So it encompasses a lot of muscles, especially a lot of our larger muscles that provide stability and power.

But why is it so important to focus on the core muscles? Your core is much like the foundation in a house. It provides support for everything. Have a strong foundation will help prevent injuries, recover quicker from injuries and maximize performance, We've compiled a list of our favorite core videos for you to include in your workouts. Enjoy!


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