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Adductor soft tissue mobility

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      Whether you call it mobility, recovery, release, or trigger point, myofascia, and soft tissue, essentially it's all the same. And even though, there are multiple theories about tissue mobility we really don't understand what is occurring physiologically. But we do know there are benefits, like increased range of motion, utilizing soft tissue mobility techniques. However, most soft tissue techniques utilize a foam roller and focus on the ilitotibial band or piriformis. Yet, in my opinion, one of the most often ignored muscle groups are the hip adductors. The adductors run along the inside of the upper leg and are mostly thought to provide adduction of the hip. However, the adductors not only assist in side to side movement but they also provide hip stability with other activities like walking and running. To learn more about there function check out this article in  Physiobloggers .
       The adductors can become extremely tight with activities like soccer, hockey, basketball and even running. One of the more popular techniques is using a foam roller but I find the foam roller cumbersome and awkward for the adductors. Below is my favorite technique using a medicine ball. A medicine ball has a larger circumference than a foam roller making it easier to roll and isolate the soft tissue. Begin by performing with knee bent, then progress to knee straight. By extending the lower leg the lever arm is lengthened increasing the force applied. 
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