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Foam rolling of lower leg

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The peroneal muscles that run along the outside of the lower leg can become irritated from numerous types of activities. Sometimes this muscles can tear, but more often than not it is just irritated which can be irritating! Just about any athlete can get pain along the outside of the leg, but in particular runners seem to be more susceptible. Some runners will experience pain down by the foot where the muscles attaches.Yet, others will have pain along the outside of the lower leg (see blue line). 

Likely, the cause is some weakness along the kinetic chain. Sometimes it's weakness in the involved or uninvolved hip. Strength deficits are usually part of the problem. Regardless, local pain is the first marker when starting the recovery process. Yes, the pain could be caused by weak hips but the first step, in my opinion, is to start at the point of pain and then progress from there. This simple foam rolling exercise is a great way to target the peroneals with soft tissue mobilization.


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