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Optimize health & fitness by maximizing muscle mobility & stability

"As professional basketball players, we go up against the best every night. So we want treatment from the best. I have known Tom for six years, and he has worked with me all those years. He provided excellent care and I can truly say he is one of the best in his field."

Reggie Miller-Hall of Fame Professional Basketball Player


The Therawheel product line was created by life long sports & fitness enthusiast and Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) MED, Tom Jennings. He has twenty-five years experience in the health and fitness industry and his passion for helping people is evident in both his career path and product line. During his career Tom helped Olympic, professional and amateur athletes prevent and recover from all types of injuries. But it wasIndiana Pacer Assistant Athletic Trainer six year's in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers that planted the seeds for the Therawheel product line. While the Therawheel seed was planted with the Pacers the idea sprouted when building a wheel for a toy car with his three daughters.

The concept of a wheel was not new, but his idea of using a concave surface with multiple widths (tapered) was new. However, it contradicted the popular cylindrical (foam roller) methods available to consumers. Yet, he recognized limitations in some of the cylindrical products which drove him to methodically tweak his tapered wheel concept. Ultimately, he recognized different effects with various widths leading to a tapered or wedge-shape wheel design. Additionally, the same tapered widths offered varying intensities for exercises like planks, push ups, squats, and bridges. Hence, a compact,durable, versatile, affordable and effective product line was created to benefit people by improving health and fitness through mobility and stability exercises.

"I worked with Tom while I was with the Indiana Pacers
and found him to be thorough, knowledgeable and
professional. His one-on-one skills in dealing with
individuals are tremendous.”
Head Collegiate Basketball Coach


Throughout his career Tom's goal with clients and athletes was to foster independence thru education and instruction of self-help techniques like stretching, rolling, and corrective exercises. He continues to encourage any and all to strive for a healthy lifestyle through exercise regardless of the choice of fitness products. He will be the first to tell you not everybody needs Therawheel products. Some may be better served using nothing or using medicine balls,bosu, tennis balls, TRX, golf balls or foam rollers. His passion is to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of exercise and Therawheel originated from his passion and philosophy. 



We are excited you chose fitness and want to support your journey. If for some reason you don't like our products simply return it and we will refund your money. But we're confident you will love these products.