Muscle Mobility + Stability=Performance
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"The Therawheel gives users a mechanical advantage to effectively penetrate deep soft tissue structures. It allows patients to self-manage their soft tissue dysfunctions in addition to helping prevent over-use injuries for manual therapists."

Frank J Klene PT, DPT, CSCS
IROC physical Therapy

We re-invented the wheel. Wheels have been utilized for thousands of years as a mode of transportation. Until now! Our concave wheel with edges and a tapered design provides users with endless techniques for health and fitness. The simple design allows for deeper & targeted penetration of muscles for trigger point release. Additionally, maximum mobility is achieved when the muscle is mobilized in various directions and the 4.5" wheel allows for application in any direction. Amazingly, the same design is excellent for core and corrective exercises. The wheel provides varying instability which requires users to engage more muscle fibers during exercise.

Therawheel was crafted to provide an affordable and effective product for both stability and mobility exercises. We considered the challenges of athletics, injuries, rehabilitation, the alternatives, and what makes sense both in terms of what’s useful in a tool, and in terms of what athletes’ bodies need.

PERFECT WHEEL- the concave 4.5" polypropylene, tapered wheel is the perfect size that provides numerous benefits for fitness & recovery 
        1. Allows deeper penetration into soft tissue for easier and effective trigger point release techniques. For example, users can rest muscles on it (like a lacrosse ball) and roll over the wheel, or use pin & stretch technique, and you can roll the muscles (like a roller). 
        2. The wheel diameter is ideal for body weight exercises like planks placing the body at a safe and optimal inclined angle. In the plank position the height also allows users to completely grip the handles maintaining a neutral wrist position.
        3. The concave shape with edges surrounds the muscle fibers for optimal trigger point release. The edges may also be used to glide across or over the muscle.
        4. The intensity can easily be adjusted by simply rotating to the narrow or wider surface of the wheel. This can be performed with kneeling,standing and body weight exercises as well as trigger point massage.   
        5. The polypropylene material makes trigger point release more comfortable. Additionally, the material allows for twisting and pivoting exercises on any surface.
    COMFORTABLE GRIPS- excellent for performing rigorous core, and upper & lower body exercises
          1. The handles are soft enough for diffuse trigger point release to the calf,foot and quadriceps.
          2. Users can place feet on the grips for kneeling and standing exercises because dirt and oils can be easily washed away from the non-absorbent grips.
          3. The thick grips are comfortable for grasping during body weight exercises.
          4. The foam grip is a unique PVC vinyl closed-cell foam of unequaled durability and comfort. 
      DURABLE ALUMINUM ROD-makes product slightly heavier helping with trigger point release and adds to the products durability
            1. Most plastic products are flimsy and feel cheap, but Therawheel utilizes a solid aluminum rod providing both stability and durability.
            2. The sturdy rod allows for exercises in standing as well as plank positions.
            3. The longer handles create a longer lever arm for increased resistance as well as easy application of resistance band exercises.