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Plantar Fasciitis

"I love the TheraWheel. My family is very active spending our time participating in road races, swimming, triathlons, football, baseball and wrestling for my son. There isn’t a season we aren’t on the move. So when all that going and moving gets us down it’s nice to have some relief! The TheraWheel has become an essential in my running bag. It is great for after a race for rolling. I love the trigger point option for those spots that start to knot up. I also coach cross country and let my team benefit from the TheraWheel. Thanks for making such a versatile product."

Danette Von Gunten- Cross Country Coach

 Plantar fasciitis -- it’s hard to say and even harder to heal.

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue located in the arch of your foot. It connects your heel bone to your toes. It becomes inflamed for many reasons, including shoe wear, increase in weight, over training and muscle imbalance, to name a few. This inflammation causes significant pain in your heel or the bottom of your foot when you stand or walk.

In addition to the traditional prescribed treatment for plantar fasciitis (generally icing and stretching), you can heal this painful injury more effectively by incorporating the Therawheel into your doctor- or physical therapist-recommend treatment to speed recovery and provide relief. Here’s how it works.


Therawheel is simply the most targeted, effective and convenient product on the market today to speed the recovery of athletic injuries. This injury can take a long time to heal if not treated effectively. Watch our video to see how easy the Therawheel is to use. Plantar fasciitis pain can be helped using these simple Therawheel techniques.


Start by using a tennis ball and progress to a firmer golf ball. When using Therawheel start with the wider handles on both sides to get different angles. Rolling the calf muscle is critical for recovery. 


Lack of strength and stability in the hip and knee can lead to numerous problems including plantar fasciitis. Improving leg strength can not only expedite recovery but can also help prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis. If this exercise is to difficult use a chair or wall to stabilize. 


In addition to massaging stretching can be beneficial. Be careful not to stretch to hard because sometimes that can aggravate the problem. Slow gentle stretch held for 10-15 seconds and repeated 4-5x is idea. 

Therawheel is an innovative advancement in sports therapy developed by Tom Jennings, MED, ATC. Jennings, a former assistant athletic trainer with the Indiana Pacers, came up with the Therawheel concept initially as a way to assist professional and college athletic trainers and clinicians to more effectively treat their athletes and clients while minimizing the stress on their own hands as they treated injuries. After researching and experimenting with different iterations, Jennings landed on this solid, versatile product which can be used by professionals in treatment settings, as well as by athletes and individuals themselves to speed their recovery.

The wheel’s patent-pending tapered design allows you to have targeted, localized treatment that you simply cannot achieve with other products. Because it goes in any direction, you can work muscles in ways that make them more pliable. Its versatility allows you to use it on any body part from neck to feet while standing, sitting, or lying down. With the Therawheel you achieve deeper tissue massage, while also having the ability to control the intensity by selecting which width of the wheel to use. Both its weight and wheel size are important factors in its effectiveness. At 1.75 lbs., Therawheel provides a completely therapeutic experience while being easier on the users hands, as the weight of the product replaces previous manual effort. And the wheel’s 4.5” circumference provides deeper massage of large muscles like hamstrings, quadriceps, piriformis and lower back.