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For over 20 years we have helped thousands of athletes recover from injuries as well as helping clinicians help athletes. We know what works for athletes and what doesn’t. We know what we would use and that is all we create. Therawheel was crafted to solve our own challenges. We have considered the challenges, the alternatives and what makes sense both in terms of what’s useful in a tool and in terms of what athlete’s bodies need.

As professional basketball players, we go up against the best every night. So we want treatment from the best. I have known Tom for six years, and he has worked with me all those years. He provided excellent care and I can truly say he is one of the best in his field.

Reggie Miller-Hall of Fame Professional Basketball Player

Throughout my basketball career I’ve used so many different products looking for an edge! In my opinion Therawheel is the most targeted and versatile self-myofascial release roller on the market! It’s excellent in loosening muscles quicker and reducing tightness throughout the body!

Brian Cardinal- NBA World Champion

As an orthopedic surgeon, I am constantly searching for innovative therapy solutions. The Therawheel is an excellent product and it provides great results with less effort, less pain and no skin irritation. I recommend Therawheel to any clinician who wants better outcomes for their patients.

Dr. Sanford Kunkel-Orthopedic Surgeon

With the little time I have on my hands to fit in work, training, and recovery, the Therawheel is easy to use while I relax after a workout and provides a deeper and more effective therapy than a foam roller or other devices. The multiple touch points allow me to target certain areas in the appropriate ways.

Kelly Hansen- USA Triathlon All-American

Therawheel has become part of my stretching and training routine with running now. Training for marathons, especially when getting older, can be a set up for injury. I have had hamstring, IT band, and heel problems that have been relieved with the Therawheel. I was even able to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year!

Kristin Miller- 4 time Boston Marathon Qualifier

The Therawheel is a must have for any clinician interested in maximizing soft tissue health. Not only is it useful for the clinican, it is also safe and easy for athletes to treat themselves at home or on the sideline.

Donald S. Strack, DPT, ATC
Board Certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Professional Basketball Director of Medical Services

I love the TheraWheel. My family is very active spending our time participating in road races, swimming, triathlons, football, baseball and wrestling for my son. There isn’t a season we aren’t on the move. So when all that going and moving gets us down it’s nice to have some relief! The TheraWheel has become an essential in my running bag. It is great for after a race for rolling. I love the trigger point option for those spots that start to knot up. I also coach cross country and let my team benefit from the TheraWheel. Thanks for making such a versatile product.

Danette Von Gunten- Cross Country Coach

The weight of the product is extremely beneficial when treating larger muscle massed athletes plus the combination of three tools in one. The ease of application, narrow wheel, and different shaped handle ends provide for excellent trigger point use and other manual techniques.

Vincent G. Stilger, HSD, ATC
Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director
West Virginia University

The Therawheel is intuitive for both the clinician and the patient. When I used it at the USA Baseball National Training Center, the athletes were able to use it themselves with little to no instruction. It was also great that it could be used on upper extremeties or lower extremties while on the field during warm-ups or recovery and over clothing if necessary.

Jamey C. Gordon, DPT,ATC,CSCS
Sports Movement Systems

The Therawheel has become a part of all my stretching and workout session on a daily basis. Before all my practice golf sessions, it immediately improves my flexibility for both my upper and lower extremities. I now move better and swing more freely than I have for the past 15 years.

John Dunham- PGA Golf Professional, Director of Instruction Highland Golf & Country Club

Recently, I used Therawheel for a calf strain and was back and running within a week. I have since used it for injury PREVENTION and daily recovery from hard workouts. I love how easy is it to use and it travels with with me so convienently.

David Forsee- 5 Time Hawaii Ironman Finisher

Thank you for the Therawheel treatment before the race. I felt loose and pain free which helped me to win the 2012 Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.

George Towett- 2012 Indianapolis Mini-Marahon Winner

Over the years I’ve used many recovery products so I can continue to race in triathlons. I was recently introduced to Therawheel and it is a game changer! What really sold me on it was how the taper could access different angles to go deeper into muscles, that other products I use just can’t.

Jennifer Hayes- Ironman Triathlete

Great product!! I was finally able to work this trigger point myself, and turn my head after 3 days. No longer completely at the mercy of massage therapists schedule when I have my next flare up, and for that, I’m grateful.
One happy customer,


Therawheel is a great tool for keeping me fit when training for long runs. Using the Therawheel after a long run has prevented shin splint injuries for me. I have a history of chronic shin splints and the Therawheel helped me manage and prevent them.

MaryAnn Dewan- Runner

During my career, I suffered from lower back pain. Recently, I have been getting treatments and treating myself with Therawheel. I’ve had many treatments over the years and nothing loosens muscles better than Therawheel.

Fred Jones- Professional Basketball Player

Used the Therawheel recently to work out a bunch of kinks in my neck and shoulder- it is AMAZING!!

Caitleen Kahn- Runner

I had a surgery on my shoulder at the end of last year and the TheraWheel was and continues to be an essential tool for my recovery. The videos on the website are very self explanatory. Love the TheraWheel and I recommend it to everyone who wants to recover faster.

Vicente Giordanelli- Triathlete

As an avid runner for 30 years, I was extremely down after incurring an IT Band injury which stopped me from running. After 2 months of daily use of the Therawheel, coupled with stretching, I am running 25 miles a week.

Alan Levin- Runner

Therawheel is the ab wheel,foam roller, tennis ball and stick all in one!

Sheila Gonzalez- Mother of 3, wife, entrepreneur & volunteer

While downhill skiing I strained my right MCL. The extent of the injury was not crippling, but made it painfully difficult to walk and impossible to run or ski. After daily use of the TheraWheel, I was running again in two weeks after my injury and downhilll skiing again just four weeks after my injury – pain free! I’ve tried other devices in the past to help with mild joint and muscle injuries, but the TheraWheel helped me recover faster than any of them. I’ve already recommended (and loaned out my) TheraWheel to my friends!!

Jeff Stickel- Runner

I struggle with tight IT bands and some chronic low back pain. More than any other device I have used, Therawheel helps me find relief at home and in between training/therapy sessions. Therawheel fits conveniently in my suitcase and helps ease the discomfort and stiffness that comes with traveling and workouts on the road. All in all a great product!

Val Castrodale
Nurse Practitioner
Dance & Pilates Instructor

After using the Therawheel on everyone from professional basketball players to marathon runners, I can say that the Therawheel is universally craved by my clients. It immediately became a requested part of every training session, helping my athletes to improve flexibility, increase mobility and recover more quickly. And, because it is so easy to operate and not painful to use, athletes incorporate the Threrawheel into every workout session.

Bill Dean
Succeed Personal Training

The beauty of the Therawheel is that it is an all-in-one tool. I am a massage therapist who does a lot of trigger point, myofascial, and adhesion work. The Therawheel allows great depth, precision, and variety without compromising hand mechanics. I have shown my clients how to use it for self care, and I use it regularly myself.

Linda Hochman, LMT

Therawheel is simply a great product. It provides deep tissue mobilization but does not hurt. It can be used by an athletic trainer or physical therapist, and if needed by the patients themselves. As someone, who deals with occupational injuries, I am always concerned about the treating therapist, and Therawheel definintely takes much of the stress off the therapists hands. I recommend its use and consider it to be a “hand-held therapist.

Ralph Buschbacher MD

Since being introduced to the Therawheel during a much needed assisted stretch session, I have realized the benefits of this tool for injury prevention and muscle relaxation. Our personal trainers see the benefit of this tool, using it regularly with clients as well as on each other for that deep muscle release you often can’t get with other tools. The amazing part is that the Therawheel is user friendly for the general public as well as a physical therapist. I’ve used it on a few of my clients and they couldn’t believe the difference in one short session. They immediately asked how to get more work with it.

Beth Lohman- Assistant Director of Recreation & Fitness

Therawheel has become a great addition to our therapy and rehab tools at Butler University Sports Medicine. We have used it with great results on a wide variety of our athletes. From our national qualifying cross country runners to our back to back Final Four basketball team, Therawheel is a product that we have used to get our athletes better and keep them competing successfully at the highest level!

Ryan Galloy, MA,ATC,CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer
Butler University

The single wheel design is excellent! It easily maneuvers in any direction and pinpoints affected areas.

Ned Shannon MS ATC LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
University of Indianapolis

The Therawheel is a versatile and valuable tool in our athletic training department. It is used by our athletic trainers, physical therapists and massage therapist to treat numerous soft tissue injuries. It is very easy to use and our athletes self-treat which helps free up time for our staff.

Bill Lukasiewicz ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Saint Joseph’s University

The Therawheel gives users a mechanical advantage to effectively penetrate deep soft tissue structures. It allows patients to self-manage their soft tissue dysfunctions in addition to helping prevent over-use injuries for manual therapists.

Frank J Klene PT, DPT, CSCS
ATI physical Therapy

I love the Therawheel! I have used it on my athletes, and when things get busy I can show the athletes how to use it themselves. My thumbs have been very thankful for this purchase!

Carl Aguillard ATC\
Head Athletic Trainer
St.James High School