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TpX Directions

Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow can be a long and painful process. The first step is recognition. Pain with tennis, golf, or throwing activities around the outside of the elbow could possibly be tennis elbow. See a physician, athletic trainer or physical therapists immediately. Once the recovery process has started most likely you will receive soft tissue treatments. Talk with your provider to see if you can begin self-treatment to complement what they recommend.


Step 1

To begin mobilize the muscles around the elbow. Specifically the triceps and wrist flexors can become tight causing pain on outside of elbow. Because these areas are not inflamed you can begin mobilizing immediately.

Place elbow on Tpx with elbow bent. Slowly straighten elbow keeping the pressure on triceps. Bend or flex the elbow again and repeat 10-15x 1-2x per day.




A similar technique is used for the wrist flexors. Place the forearm on the curved part of the TpX. Start with wrist pulled back then flex or bend wrist forward keep pressure on the TpX with forearm. Repeat 10-15x 1-2x per day.

Step 2

After 1 week of mobilizing the triceps and wrist flexors, gently start to mobilize the wrist extensor muscles with the round tip of Tpx. Light enough pressure should be used where it feels like a "good hurt". Start with 30-45 seconds and repeat 2-3x per week. Progressing to daily for 45-60 seconds in the 2nd-3rd week.

Step 3

After using the round tip for 2-3 weeks start by gliding the wrist extensors with the flat tip. Use a lubricant and gently glide from the elbow to the wrist and back 10-12 strokes. Then go gently glide across the tissue by the elbow 10-12 times. Repeat 2-3x per week and progress to 15x daily after 10-14 days