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THERAWHEEL CORE-Maximize sports performance

THERAWHEEL CORE-Maximize sports performance

$ 54.95

Therawheel Core is the most ideal product for performance because the two independently wedge-shaped make exercises more effective and efficient. Independently dual rotating wheels make Therawheel Core ideal for performance training exercises like planks, push-ups,bridges, lunges, squats and more.The wheel widths can be rotated to make exercises easier or harder. For beginners simply use both wide surface and for advanced use thinner surfaces of wheels. 

The compact and durable product is like having your very own gym. Not only can it help improve your strength and stability, but it can also be conveniently used like a foam roller or lacrosse ball to relieve tight muscles like the lower back, piriformis and quads for knee,hip and lower back pain. 

"Recently, I used Therawheel for a calf strain and was back and running within a week. I have since used it for injury PREVENTION and daily recovery from hard workouts. I love how easy is it to use and it travels with with me so convienently."
David Forsee- 5 Time Hawaii Ironman Finisher

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