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THERAWHEEL PRO- Ultimate sports performance recovery roller

THERAWHEEL PRO- Ultimate sports performance recovery roller

$ 69.95

Therawheel Pro is the only sports performance recovery roller on the market that can be used like a foam roller and hand-held roller and/or for performance exercises like pushups and planks as well as for balance exercises for squats and lunges. It utilizes three wedge-shaped wheels with subtle ridges providing deep, targeted recovery. Users can easily rotate each wheel independently to the desired width to change intensities to low, medium or high. Simply place the wheels parallel, perpendicular or at an angle for additional massage benefits. Therawheel Pro is ideal for larger muscles like the lower back, piriformis, hamstrings, hip flexors, lats and quadriceps.

While this product is best for massage rolling, additional benefits include using it for exercises like push-ups, planks, bridges, planks, and side planks. It is easy to travel with and can become your own personal trainer. 

"With the little time I have on my hands to fit in work, training, and recovery, the Therawheel is easy to use while I relax after a workout and provides a deeper and more effective therapy than a foam roller or other devices. The multiple touch points allow me to target certain areas in the appropriate ways."

Kelly Hansen- USA Triathlon All-American


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