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THERAWHEEL TpX- Tennis elbow relief & recovery

THERAWHEEL TpX- Tennis elbow relief & recovery

$ 19.95

Soft tissue massage is a critical component of tennis elbow relief. This small but effective massage device isolates and relieves restrictions in the elbow. The 90 degree handle is made from solid aluminum providing weight and durability. It is covered with a foam rubber grip that is easy to clean and excellent for broader pin & stretch techniques.

All techniques used should be gentle yet firm! Simply place TpX on restricted area and move wrist or elbow. Use the curved section for broader beginning techniques on the forearm and above elbow. Progress to the round tip for focal trigger point release. Progress to using the flat tip for gentle stripping (see video) or gliding (with ointment) across the forearm for tennis elbow. In addition to tennis & golfer's elbow the TPX also helps with rotator cuff tendinitis, neck stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

For specific directions on TpX tennis elbow recovery click here.

"Therawheel products have become a great addition to our therapy and rehab tools at Butler University Sports Medicine. We have used it with great results on a wide variety of our athletes. From our national qualifying cross country runners to our back to back Final Four basketball team, Therawheel is a product that we have used to get our athletes better and keep them competing successfully at the highest level!"

Ryan Galloy, MA,ATC,CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer
Butler University

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