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THERAWHEEL ULTRA- Hamstrings deep tissue roller

THERAWHEEL ULTRA- Hamstrings deep tissue roller

$ 39.95

Foam rollers and other products only provide superficial massage. Our light weight Therawheel Ultra penetrates deep into the hamstrings for optimal targeted mobility, recovery and relief of tight hamstrings. Tight hamstrings can cause low back, knee and hip pain and stretching alone offers little or temporary relief. Our 4.5" wheel penetrates deeply into the large hamstring muscle like no other roller or ball and targets deep tissue restrictions for optimal neuromuscular function. Therawheel Ultra is ideal for maximum muscle activation and trigger point release. The single, tapered wheel allows user to easily change intensity of the trigger point massage. Simply rotate wheel to thinner section for increased intensity or the wider section for decreased intensity.  

"Throughout my basketball career I’ve used so many different products looking for an edge! In my opinion Therawheel is the most targeted and versatile self-myofascial release roller on the market! It’s excellent in loosening muscles quicker and reducing tightness throughout the body!"

Brian Cardinal- NBA World Champion



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